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About the Webmaster

planet How did it all start?
In the beginning there was nothing. Sometime thereafter, there was Jon Wire. That's me. And don't worry, I still am.

Roughly 13 years after that fateful birth, I created Sven's Place, a now-deceased website consisting of all the things you'd expect a 13-year-old to put on his site: some funny sounds, a picture of a jet, and a Don't Click Here link--which you would quickly learn not to click on. This primitive site would be the precursor to, a site which still stands firm in the glory of the pointlessness that first inspired Sven's Place. This time, the pointlessness was here to stay; though, the site has undergone many redesigns and philosophical changes in its life.

Out of there came The Monkey War, along with several other short-lived projects. The Monkey War nearly took off at one point, but now seems to remain in a toddling state, due to the lack of features and excitement that other browser-based resource games allegedly have. I still have high hopes for The Monkey War.

Related only slightly to is a large list of web development, literary, and philosophical projects. These projects vary greatly in size, ranging from single-page tools and tidbits to full-fledged web applications and large databasing projects. A very small portion of these projects have made it past the tentative stage into infancy--and an even smaller number have made it to a level of presentability.

Since the Svidgen concept was all about providing a quality starting point on the web, it has also been made to serve as a showcase for all of my other projects, as well as a portfolio for anyone who wishes to consider me as their Web Developer. After months of deliberating over how to launch the site, I decided to start the Svidgen project with a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) and a projects list. My hope is that somebody somewhere will find something interesting or useful enough on this site to use it!